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"I have spent hours searching online for bibs that snap (not velcro) and are also water-proof. I don't like velcro bibs for many reasons — one, they scratch up the back of my sons neck, two, he can pull them off, and three, the velcro wears out and all kinds of things get stuck in it (including my other laundry when they are washed together). I wanted water-proof bibs because when my son drools or eats it goes right through the plain cloth bibs, however, I don’t like the water-proof bibs with the "crunchy" vinyl backing that rips. Another problem I've had with other bibs is that fluids (drool or milk) run down my son's chin, under his bib and onto his clothes.

But then I found Silly Billyz and I am so happy that I did! They are everything I wanted in a bib - and they are soft, too (even the water-proof backing)! I ended up buying 3 biblets and 3 pocket bibs all in the premium toweling fabric. The biblets are great for my son (6 months old) to wear all day. Thanks to the snuggle neck and water-proof backing, the biblets catch all his drool/milk that runs down his chin and his clothes stay dry. When he eats cereal, I put the pocket bibs on him and they work great, too! They are long enough to catch the food he decides to spit back out, and if the food runs down the bib, the pocket catches it rather than his clothes. He also cannot pull these bibs off thanks to the snaps.

I would like to make one suggestion...
My son is 6 months old and wears the bibs on the tighter snap. It would be nice if the other snap could also "snap" onto the bib rather than just hang there. He rolls around a lot and sometimes he rolls his head onto that second snap that is sticking out. Other than that, the bibs are great!!!"

– Julie P., Iowa

"I'm the mother of 13 month old twin girls. We average 6-8 bibs a day. I have been on a search for the holy Grail of bibs, only to be disappointed by everything out there until I bought Silly Billyz. Trust me when I say I have tried them all. Either they end up stinking in no time (regardless of how often they are washed or what they are washed in), the girls can pull them off, they aren't water proof... the list goes on. Oh and plus anything that is synthetic gives one of girls a rash behind her neck. Silly Billyz met all my requirements and more. They wash well, never stain, the girls keep them on, and no rashes! I wish I had found them sooner! Thanks for such a GREAT product!"

– Stephanie-Ann Faubion, Rochester, MN

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love these bibs and am thrilled to find that I don't have to buy them from NZ to ship to me now that I live in the US. I bought our first three bibs while we were in NZ and have been using them since age 3 months for our first child, now nearly 3 and our second child now 1 1/2. They wear unbelievably well. I wash them by hand at times, but mostly in the machine followed by the dryer and there's hardly any wear at all. They absorb just the right amount and prevent food from seeping though the back. Our kids are both too clever for the velcro bibs so these snap ones are a must. I just can't say enough good things about these wonderful bibs. I'm only getting more because I want to leave some at other people's houses, not because ours are wearing out at all. Thanks for carrying these in the US!"

– Nancy

"I am very impressed with how well they held up after months of washing and their daily use. They were very absorbent and children were able to wear them all day."

– Miss Max, Castle Academy

"I find them incredibly useful and my little man adores them. They come in handy the most whenever we are driving and little man has a snack in his car seat. He is soooo cute and fills his little pocket bib up to the brim and just plucks one piece at a time out! ...these bibs are waterproof and hold up amazingly well. I have had the bib for almost a month now, and it has been washed NUMEROUS times and still looking as good as new."

– Caroline T.

"I absolutely love these bibs! The waterproof baking is soft and not "crunchy" which makes it so much more comfortable to wear. The fleece is such a great touch and the pattern on the catch pocket is simply adorable. The snaps used for closing are great because my kids cannot pull them open by tugging on the bib & are adjustable as there are two different ones so I can use the same Silly Billyz bib on both my kids! Did I mention I love these bibs?"

– K. Aceto

"Being the mother of an 11 yr old who is handicapped I am always looking for things to help make my life easier. I am so glad that I stumbled across your website. I just received my order today. When I first looked at the bib it looked small. It is the right size for a toddler but I was worried about an 11 yr old. I tried it on him and there was plenty of room. I am in love with it. I will be ordering different colors for his different outfits

Matthew is a constant drooler and this has been keeping his clothes dry. Thank you - you should try to bring these to the handicapped population also. There are plenty of parents like myself who need this. I will be passing on your website to other parent like myself. "

– Christine